When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

As you prepare for a future move, finding the right time to sell your home is just as important as finding the right buyer. In fact, the two go hand in hand. The best time to find a great buyer for your home is when the climate and social calendar complement the most compelling features of your house. In this guide, you’ll discover all the tools and information you need to sell your home during the time of year that fits your personal needs and works with the Connecticut real estate market.

When is the best time to sell a house?

In general, warmer months tend to offer a better result when selling your home. Toward the end of the year, when the weather is cold, and the snow is frozen to the ground, folks are less likely to leave their homes for showings and open houses. This reluctance to participate in the market makes selling a house somewhat difficult during months like November and December. However, this sentiment depends entirely on your location. Areas that attract skiers, like Vermont, may fare better during the winter months when fresh snow is plentiful. As a Connecticut seller, you’ll want to work around the chilly New England weather so you can fully show off your home’s amenities and flawless exterior.

Best time to sell a house nationwide

Throughout the country, buyers tend to be looking to move during the summer when kids are not in school, and the weather is agreeable enough to make moving a safe and reasonable task. Moving to different states via car or plane can be difficult during the winter and early spring due to the unpredictable weather, and autumn can prove to be a complex move, especially in towns where colleges and boarding schools are present.

When considering the data for many of the towns in Fairfield County, June through August are the months that have seen the largest number of closings. However, those properties go under contract 30 to 60 days previous. With low inventory, houses have not stayed on the market long. In previous years, the Spring market started somewhere between the second week of February and mid-March. With more cash buyers, it now extends into the first week of August. With mortgage rates up to double previous levels, rising asking prices and ongoing multiple offers, prices in most towns are 3 to 7% ahead of the same time last year.

Best time to sell a house in Connecticut

Connecticut homes sell well during the spring and early summer because the curb appeal is maximized, the “educational buying season” and beachfront properties especially are highly desired. People are looking to close a deal right before the best weather comes around during July-August, and it also gives families the chance to settle into a new community before the school year resumes.

Though spring and summer tend to be the most profitable periods to sell a home, you’ll find you have a decent share of competition when it comes to finding a good buyer. Other Connecticut sellers think similarly to you, and the market can become easily saturated. In 2023 though, it seems the springtime market wasn’t as flooded as usual, with surrounding towns seeing single family sales down 20 - 35% compared to the first six months of 2022. Inventory, or lack thereof, being the major contributor.

Selling in the “off-season”

Selling during the winter

A winter sale isn’t impossible by any means, but it can be difficult in Connecticut. In any respect, there are steps you can take to make sure the season doesn’t affect your home’s value a great deal. Safety is crucial, and snow removal ensures potential buyers can traverse your home without slipping and falling. It also makes the property look clean and well-taken care of, which translates well to buyers. Winter tends to be dark, so illuminate the interior and exterior with a warm light that is inviting and bright enough to see the best features of your home.

Selling during the fall

A fall sale means there is less inventory on the market than in the late spring in summer. With less competition, you have a far more likely chance of finding a buyer who’d like to settle the deal quickly. You may even be able to secure a larger profit than you’d expect since there aren’t as many houses for sale. Fall in Connecticut is magical – the leaves are changing, and sweater weather is in full effect. This cozy season has people sentimental ahead of the holidays, increasing the chance of buyers making a meaningful emotional connection with your house. Autumn-inspired staging with deep brown and red accents will help buyers feel right at home when touring your house.

Is it the right time in your life to sell?

You should sell your home when the space no longer serves you. A large house can feel free in many ways, but downsizing is great for people who no longer have kids or other relatives in the home and are looking to maintain less square footage. On the flip side, upgrading to a larger home can leave room for your family to grow and allow you the space to conduct business at home and add a furry friend or two.

Preparing to sell your home

No matter the season, you should prepare to sell your home by researching the value of other houses in the area. This will allow you to see what features your house has that others are missing and vice versa, which is valuable information when determining if your home requires any repairs. Working with a real estate agent lightens this real estate burden, as they have a prominent research background and are able to display the info in a way that is digestible for everyone. An agent will also be able to give you advice on an appropriate listing price and repair tips and provide some clarity when reviewing competing offers for your home.

Achieving a successful sale shouldn’t be seasonal

When a real estate expert has your back, the best time to sell your home is any time. Real estate agents are there to assess your needs and take the burden of a home sale off your shoulders. As a seller, your main responsibility should be preparing for your move and future. Your real estate agent will take care of the finer details, dealing with unfavorable conditions and turning them into profitable transactions for you every time.

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