How to Take Pictures of Your House to Sell

How to Take Pictures of Your House to Sell

One of the most essential elements of selling your home is taking professional pictures. Pictures give buyers a brief glimpse of your home without physically exploring it. They are necessary because they can grasp and intrigue potential buyers. Quality real estate photographs can sell your home faster and increase sales profits.

Marion Filley, a local real estate expert, knows how to take pictures of your house to sell it quickly and at a fantastic price. Continue reading for some expert guidance on professional real estate photography.

How to photograph your home so it will sell

Real estate photography has technicalities that professionals implement to capture your home at its best. The following suggestions practically guarantee you will have a successful photography session.

Declutter your home

Clutter is the worst possible thing for your home’s photography. It can make your home look much smaller, messy, and disorganized. Your home will not appear liveable when a lot of your stuff is scattered throughout different rooms randomly. You can start decluttering by taking unnecessary items off counters, organizing your closets and pantry, and deep cleaning your rooms so they appear spotless on camera.

Stage the home

Staging your home correctly is one of the critical parts of ensuring you take fantastic pictures. Staging consists of arranging your furniture in an aesthetically appealing manner and adding tasteful, elegant decorations that look amazing on camera. It is easier to consult a professional stager to ensure your home looks perfect, but you can also arrange things yourself. Contacting an experienced local real estate agent can be helpful in the staging process as well.

Hire a professional photographer

Though cell phone camera quality is improving, your best bet for taking outstanding pictures of your home is hiring a professional photographer. Photographers have the experience and skills to capture your home in its best light. It may be worth hiring a professional, as they can help you stage your home and advise you on which pictures to use.

Or buy a high-quality camera

If you commit to taking pictures yourself, consider buying a professional, high-quality camera. Ensure it is suitable for manual settings and wide angles, and edit the images afterward to optimize contrast and lighting to show off your home's details.

Showcase natural lighting

Lighting is key for displaying your home. Open your curtains and shades so that sunshine can seep through your windows. Avoid using flash when you take pictures indoors, as this effect can create an unnatural look. Make sure the light is hitting where you want your room to be complemented, such as with a beautiful decoration.

Highlight the best areas of your home

Speaking of highlighting your home with light, you should keep track of the areas you want to show off when you take pictures. A real estate agent with expertise in the business can guide you in picking the right spots; however, our favorite places you can suggest include a warm fireplace, a large window, or a clean bathroom or kitchen.

Aim for the right angles

Angles matter — this is a phrase you hear for all forms of photography, but it is essential for home photography. Especially if you are taking pictures yourself, you should experiment with different angles. Taking photographs from lower angles can make rooms seem more extensive, but higher views can show more items within the space. Angling pictures depends on what your goals are!

Only use the best photos

You will likely take way more photos than you need. Collaborate with an agent or family members to decide which pictures display your home in the best light, and be sure to have photos of the most critical rooms in the house, like the kitchen, bathrooms, and primary bedroom.

Use RAW picture format

RAW picture format is typically superior for editing photos, and RAW files hold more data. Without diving into the details of photography language, RAW format will enable you to simply adjust various aspects of a photo.

Pick colors that look best for real estate photography

There is considerable debate about which colors are best for luxury photography. Many experts claim that brown, black, and purple colors encourage a luxurious, upscale tone compared to bright colors like red and yellow. Overall, you should have colors that coordinate together cohesively.

Post-production tips

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an excellent resource for editing your pictures. On the software, you can adjust elements of the photograph, such as brightness, saturation, grain, and vividness. This way, you can make specific components of your home stand out.

Box Brownie

Box Brownie is the way to go if you are seeking virtual staging. Box Brownie is the ultimate tool for staging furniture, so you do not have to rent or buy new decorations. You can add paintings, a table, or even intricate designs so that your home looks stunning to virtual viewers.

Must-have photography equipment

DSLR camera

We suggest you use a DSLR camera, at the very least, when taking pictures of your home to sell. These cameras are much more detailed than their alternatives and provide you with control over photography elements like aperture and shutter speed.

Wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are essential for capturing as much of the room as possible. Pictures with wide angles give viewers a better sense of how your home is set up. A 10-20mm or 16-35mm lens is ideal.

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We are happy to advise you throughout the photography process and your journey selling your New Canaan real estate. Marion Filley has been helping people get the most out of their homes since 1989. Reach Marion today for expert help selling your home with ease.

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