How Is The Ridgefield Job Market in 2023?

How Is The Ridgefield Job Market in 2023?

Nestled at the base of the Berkshire Mountains, the community of Ridgefield, Connecticut, gives its citizens the best of both worlds. Those who call this small city home get to enjoy the peace that communities of its size offer, but are also only an hour's commute away from New York City. Ridgefield is a bedroom community for some who work in the city. But there are a number of people who have found good employment opportunities in Ridgefield itself. If you are considering a move there, you’ll benefit from knowing what the Ridgefield job market has to offer.

Much of the revenue generated in Ridgefield comes from visitors to the community

With so much to offer tourists, Ridgefield enjoys an influx of visitors throughout the year. Though only 25,000 live in this community, it often feels bigger due to the constant traffic coming in from out of town.

Tourism is a driver for the job market in Ridgefield. An estimated 50% of the revenue generated in this small city is earned from visitors who spend their money there. Whether it’s from the booming arts scene, the historic tours, or the wonderful dining options offered, the hospitality business has a large impact on the local economy.

This industry has greatly impacted the Ridgefield job market, especially since the days of the pandemic are past. Individuals and families are traveling again, some more than they normally would to make up for lost time. Hospitality workers and entrepreneurs in this industry are served well in Ridgefield by its many visitors.

The largest employer in Ridgefield is a global pharmaceutical giant

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim first opened its doors in Ridgefield in 1971, becoming the company's United States headquarters. Focusing on both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim has grown over the decades and has expanded to all corners of the globe.

Boehringer Ingelheim has made an enormous impact on the Ridgefield job market. This company is the largest employer in Ridgefield by far, with more than 2,600 on its local payroll. The fully modern campus in Ridgefield sits on a lush 330 acres, spread over dozens of buildings. There are a variety of positions and divisions at the Ridgefield location, including research and development and their esteemed Innovation Unit.

Ridgefield is also home to a major food distribution company

Ridgefield is the place where Chef’s Warehouse has made its corporate headquarters. With locations all across the United States and Canada, Chef’s Warehouse has made a name for itself by supplying restaurants, hotels, and high-end food specialty shops with the highest quality ingredients. It’s been a growing part of the Ridgefield job market and is one of the top places to work in the community.

A snapshot of the employment sector in Ridgefield, Connecticut

Data shows that more than 18% of the workforce in Ridgefield have positions in the finance and insurance sectors. Professional, scientific, and technical services make up the second largest portion of the workforce at 13.4%. Hospitality-related jobs are also a dominant part of the employment picture, no doubt capitalizing on the amount of tourism this city receives every year.

The unemployment rate in Ridgefield has maintained relatively low numbers since the end of the pandemic and has kept these numbers below the national average. Part of this is due to the successes of Ridgefield’s largest employers. But another driving factor in the low unemployment rate and high median income is that Ridgefield is close to New York City. This means that while the job market in Ridgefield is positive for certain industries, many of its residents choose to commute to the city for work.

Many who live in Ridgefield choose to commute

Ridgefield is strategically located for anyone who wants a job in the city without the hassle of living there. An hour by train or car, Ridgefield is the perfect place to call home if you want to command the wages of the city while only paying the cost of living for a smaller town.

On average, the Ridgefield resident only makes a commute of 36 minutes one way to work. This commute time reflects on the many workers who not only travel to New York daily but also to the surrounding metropolitan area.

A little more about Ridgefield

Though only 25,000 residents call Ridgefield home, this community offers a lot for its people to do. It’s the home of the Ridgefield Playhouse, an entertainment venue that offers film series, live music, comedy, and more throughout the year. Touring acts hosted by the venue ensure that you’ll never have a dull weekend.

Avid golfers can enjoy hitting the links on the Ridgefield Golf Course. This 18-hole course is open to the public and offers lessons for every level and a sizable pro shop.

Ridgefield offers a wide variety of hiking and biking trails for outdoors enthusiasts as well. And for those who need an escape into a bustling environment, New York City is only an hour away. It’s the perfect location for a day trip from the city or a weekend getaway.

Some who pay a visit to Ridgefield will one day call it home. The housing market is strong in Ridgefield, with median home prices higher than the national average but much lower than other areas within the greater New York metropolitan area.

Want to make a move in Ridgefield?

The decision to buy a home is one that should be made with careful consideration and with a solid strategy in mind. If you are considering relocating to Ridgefield, you will greatly benefit from the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the community. An agent with the Marion Filley Team will give you professional guidance, helping you find the home of your dreams at the fairest price possible. Consider a consultation with one of their agents today.

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