9 Best Restaurants in Wilton

9 Best Restaurants in Wilton

In the heart of Connecticut, the town of Wilton is not just about scenic beauty and a tight-knit community; it's also a foodie's paradise. With a remarkable range of eateries that serve everything from comfort food to exotic cuisines, Wilton's culinary scene is sure to satisfy your palate. Let's embark on a journey to discover the nine best Wilton restaurants that make this town a gastronomic delight.

Baldanza at the Schoolhouse

Tucked away in a charming old schoolhouse, Baldanza offers a menu that is both hearty and sophisticated. It's a haven for those who appreciate farm-to-table dining, with ingredients sourced from local farms, resulting in fresh and flavorful dishes.

Craft 14 Kitchen + Bar

Craft 14 Kitchen + Bar is the epitome of contemporary American dining. Specializing in a wide array of gourmet offerings, from tantalizing appetizers to scrumptious entrees and desserts, every dish is created with attention to detail and a touch of creativity. Their brunch, lunch, and dinner menus showcase the diversity and innovation of American cuisine, with an emphasis on locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Beyond the food, the bar boasts an impressive selection of craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, and an extensive wine list, ensuring a perfect pairing for every dish. Its perfect balance between relaxed and chic atmosphere, makes Craft 14 a sought-after spot for social gatherings, romantic evenings, or a hearty meal after a day's work.

Cactus Rose Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Immerse yourself in the flavors and spirit of Mexico at the Cactus Rose Restaurant & Tequila Bar. This vibrant establishment presents an exquisite array of Mexican dishes, each prepared with passion and respect for traditional recipes. Freshly prepared guacamole, sizzling fajitas, and succulent carnitas are just a glimpse of what the menu offers. The true star of Cactus Rose, however, is the tequila bar. Boasting a selection of over a hundred tequilas, it offers an excellent chance to explore this traditional Mexican spirit, either neat or in the form of inventive, flavorful cocktails. Combined with the lively atmosphere, the colorful décor, and the cheerful hospitality, Cactus Rose promises a truly authentic and unforgettable Mexican dining experience.

Bianco Rosso - Wilton

Located in the heart of Wilton, Bianco Rosso is an inviting Italian restaurant and wine bar that exudes a warm, family-friendly charm. It is a place where old-world culinary traditions meet contemporary interpretations, and the result is an irresistible menu that features familiar Italian classics, innovatively prepared with the freshest ingredients. The pastas are homemade, the pizzas are stone-baked, and the desserts are mouthwatering. The wine bar presents an impressive array of Italian wines, allowing guests to travel through Italy's renowned wine regions without leaving their seats. With its relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, attentive service, and exquisite food and wine, Bianco Rosso offers a slice of Italy in the heart of Wilton, making every visit a celebration of 'la dolce vita'.

Barn Door Restaurant

Set in a rustic and homely atmosphere, Barn Door Restaurant serves up hearty American fare with a twist. Its menu features a variety of flavorful dishes, all made with locally sourced ingredients that reflect the changing seasons.

Little Pub Wilton

The Little Pub in Wilton is the place to go if you're looking for great pub grub, a friendly atmosphere, and an excellent selection of brews. Its unique and eclectic menu is paired with a laid-back ambiance, making it a must-visit for casual diners and beer enthusiasts alike.

Marly's Bar & Bistro

Marly's Bar & Bistro is a sanctuary for food enthusiasts seeking a blend of traditional and modern culinary delights. This bistro exudes an atmosphere of casual elegance, with intimate seating, ambient lighting, and a decor that fuses classic and contemporary aesthetics. Marly's menu is a culinary journey, featuring a delectable mix of classic comfort foods and inventive dishes prepared with a twist. The chefs, with their mastery of diverse cooking techniques and flavors, create an ever-evolving menu that keeps patrons coming back for more. The bar offers a handpicked selection of wines, beers, and innovative cocktails, ensuring there's a drink to match every dish and every mood.

Athithi Indian Cuisine

Athithi Indian Cuisine offers an exploration of the rich tapestry of flavors that define India's diverse gastronomy. With a menu encompassing a wide array of regional Indian dishes, Athithi takes you on a journey across India, from the aromatic spice markets of the North to the coastal delicacies of the South. The restaurant's warm and inviting ambiance, coupled with its hospitality, makes it a perfect place for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

The Dilly Duck Shop

Tucked away in the heart of Wilton, The Dilly Duck Shop is an endearing establishment known for its gourmet sandwiches, artisan baked goods, and an eclectic variety of comfort foods. With a whimsical name reflecting its playful spirit, this eatery creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes patrons feel at home. From the delectably fresh sandwiches and savory soups to the irresistible pastries and cakes, every item on the menu is made with utmost care, using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you're stopping by for a quick lunch, picking up pastries for a treat, or enjoying a leisurely brunch, The Dilly Duck Shop is a delightful addition to Wilton's culinary landscape.

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