7 DIY Home Staging Tips

7 DIY Home Staging Tips

If you are selling your home or are thinking of beginning that journey, staging will be crucial for you. Staging your home is preparing and decorating it so that when potential buyers visit or look at pictures, they like what they see and can envision themselves living in the space.

You can use all sorts of techniques to stage your home effectively. Many people do the staging process alone, while others greatly benefit from professional assistance. What follows are the best DIY home staging tips possible. If you are considering putting your home up for sale in Wilton, The Marion Filley Team can help you navigate all aspects of selling your home, including these vital home staging tips.

Deep clean and declutter

Deep cleaning and decluttering are essential to ensure your home is staged correctly. Before you begin deep cleaning, start with decluttering to ensure that everything you are cleaning will stay in the house. We advise eliminating whatever is unnecessary from your rooms, prioritizing a cohesive, minimal style for homeowners to see. Avoid areas where things look jumbled or packed; organize whatever you can so your home looks flawless.

Once this is done, you can begin deep cleaning. Dusting is a must for having your home look shiny and bright. Get in between crevices and small spaces — you never know where a home buyer will rummage. Be sure to sweep and mop your floors and clean your rugs with carpet cleaner.

The areas of the home that get the dirtiest are typically your bathroom and kitchen. Thus, you should take extra care to clean your toilets, shower, bathroom vanity, and kitchen appliances. Make sure no grease is left behind! Cover door knobs, handles, and tables with surface cleaner so no germs are prevalent. Though this can be cumbersome, you will not regret having your home in its cleanest form when you show it to buyers.


When home buyers visit or look at pictures of your home online, they are naturally thinking of how they can visualize themselves living in your home. And when you have too many personalized items left in your home, it can be difficult for buyers to truly fall in love with it, no matter how beautiful your house is.

Buyers want the home to feel like their own. Therefore, we recommend de-personalizing as much as possible when you stage your home. This includes taking down family pictures and storing items that most people do not universally like. You want to appeal to the most people possible; anything in your home that could polarize buyers could be hazardous.

Replace your rugs

Rugs can become very dirty, making your home look dirty and unappealing. Sometimes, no matter how much you wash your rug thoroughly, you may still need to purchase a new one. Though it will be an added cost, it can certainly be worth it to make your home look cohesive and attractive. This is also a good idea if your rugs have outdated designs or colors that may not appeal to modern buyers. Replacing your rugs is an easy way to make your home look luxurious, contemporary, clean, and collected.

Add mirrors

Adding mirrors is one of the most underrated things you can do to elevate your home’s look. Mirrors serve different functions within the home space. For one, they create an illusion of extra space within a room. Mirrors can make a room look more spacious while providing some form of balance. In addition, mirrors reflect natural light, enhancing the light within your home. You can add a mirror anywhere in your home. We recommend adding a large mirror on a living room or bedroom wall.

Buy new towels

This is an elementary but essential step in staging your home. Towels are more than new fabrics — they can help tie together a room’s colors, textures, and themes. Make sure your towels are spotless before showing your home off, and take advantage of the decorative appeal that towels can offer to a room. Buy towels that add something special to your room rather than serving simply for their utility as a drying device.

Organize bookshelves

Organizing your bookshelves is an easy way to ensure your home looks put together and aesthetically pleasing. Bookshelves can be detrimental to your home’s look since they can be highly disorganized and cluttered. You can organize your bookshelf in various ways, including alphabetically or in a color-coordinated fashion. Make sure they are stacked so they all face the same way, right-side up. People will appreciate looking at bookshelves that appear neat and organized, especially if they are book lovers.

We can help!

Hopefully, this list helps prepare you to stage your home, whether by yourself or with the help of a pro. If you have any other questions about selling your home, Marion Filley can address all your real estate needs. Since 1989, Marion has been helping people get the most from their homes when they sell. She is ready and happy to learn your priorities and bring you closer to your real estate goals. Contact Marion today.

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