4 Best Day Trips from Wilton

4 Best Day Trips from Wilton

Wilton, Conn., offers many benefits to its residents. It is a small town with gorgeous homes, an excellent school system, and many fun things to do. Moreover, it has an optimal location, well within reach of various lovely places. If you are searching the market for houses for sale in Wilton, CT, read on for information about the best day trips from Wilton.

New York City, NY

Wilton is only about two hours from Midtown Manhattan, depending on traffic. All five boroughs are popular destinations for Wilton residents craving a day of city life. There are so many things to do in New York City, so consider leaving early in the morning and expect to be fulfilled by the end of your trip!

You can spend your morning in the city enjoying the local coffee shops in Manhattan. Times Square, one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks, buzzes at all times; if you can make it early enough, you can climb the trademark stairs without much competition from tourists. Also, you can watch the sunrise or at least spend the morning in a serene space at Central Park.

Of course, New York City has some of the best dining options worldwide. Make sure you take advantage of this while you are there. While the city is known for its delicious bagels and pizza, the luxury restaurants are outstanding. Prime examples include L’Appart, known for its exquisite French cuisine, and Marea, known for its gourmet seafood. If you have time to plan, schedule a reservation to ensure you get a table at one of these fine establishments. Don’t forget to get dessert at a fabulous bakery.

Finally, New York City is an epicenter of entertainment and education. For the former, consider buying tickets for a Broadway Theatre show or other performance. Madison Square Garden is the most iconic concert venue in the nation, so seeing a show there will come with no regrets. In addition, the city has fabulous museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.

Newport, RI

Newport is one of the most dreamlike getaways in New England. The city is situated along the coast of Rhode Island and offers various activities for its residents and visitors to enjoy. Typically, a day trip to Newport will be less than three hours one way, depending on traffic. The drive is well worth the experience!

Newport is most well-known for its breathtaking mansions with enviable waterfront views. Famous mansions include The Breakers and Marble House, both inspired by the luxurious architecture crafted during the Gilded Age. You can also check out some of the restaurants in the downtown area of Newport. Though Newport’s seafood is incomparable, you can find virtually any cuisine you want. The ice cream here is delectable, too!

Be sure to walk around the area and go shopping at the area’s local boutiques. They are very charming and often sell unique pieces. Grenon’s of Newport and x&o boutique are excellent places to stop by for the latest jewelry and women’s fashion trends, respectively.

Finally, you can stroll on the beach or relax in the sun during your day trip to Newport. Its beaches are highly picturesque and offer incredible views of the sunset. Dinner with a waterfront view is one of the best ways to end your day in Newport.

Mystic, CT

For a quick trip less than two hours away in Connecticut, check out Mystic. You may have heard of the iconic film Mystic Pizza, and we highly recommend you check out the restaurant where the movie takes place. Yet, there are so many more things to do while in Mystic!

Mystic Aquarium is one of the most impressive aquariums in New England. It hosts thousands of aquatic species and is the only aquarium in New England with beluga whales. The aquarium’s many animals, including sea lions, penguins, and sea turtles, entertain guests of all ages. There is also a four-dimensional theater that showcases films about ocean life and has various shows and exhibits for visitors to have real interactions with creatures.

Another must-go place in Mystic is the Mystic Seaport Museum. Mystic has a long history of a booming whaling industry and thus still has many ships and maritime tools that are remnants of the city’s past. The museum displays boats used in Mystic’s history, shedding light on the truth of Mystic’s culture.

Olde Mistick Village is a quaint area with several small shops and restaurants to entertain. In addition, many visitors enjoy kayaking and canoeing along the Mystic River. You can make your trip to Mystic whatever you want it to be.

Fairfield, CT

Home to the prestigious Fairfield University and popularly known as a beach town, Fairfield is the perfect day trip for those seeking relaxation amid the chaos of everyday life. The city is tranquil but offers a modest variety of things to do, especially regarding the beach.

The many beaches of Fairfield are less than an hour’s drive from Wilton. They can get crowded, so if you are taking a trip during the summer, arrive at the beach early to ensure you have enough space to soak in the sun at the beach. Jennings Beach and Sasco Beach are among the most popular beaches in Fairfield. Lay out, swim, or walk along the shore feeling pure bliss.

We recommend you spend most of your day at the beach and pack a lunch so you do not have to leave. However, it is a good idea to grab dinner at one of Fairfield’s elegant restaurants is a good idea before leaving. The best restaurants in the area include Martel Bistro & Bar and Paci Restaurant.

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